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Well I'll tell you one thing, I have been to many, many homepages. Most of them were just meaningless like mine, but many of them have one thing in common, this part (me, who am I, and so forth). I bet you that alot of html writers think that someone or something is going to read this chapters. But I belive that very seldomly it occurs. If you like to know more about me then I see fit to publish on the WWW, just send me email and notify yourself.

I like making homepages but there are a few things I have problems with, mainly what to have on these pages. When the Star Wars "Mania" was at its peak, I made about nine Star Wars pages. None of them excist today. But I learnt a whole lot from the scripts I made, so I became better. My current page (the one you are on!?!) is the most advanced I have made, and hopefully the best.

I am a student at Hamrahlidar College, in Reykjavik (Iceland). This summer I went to Austria to take part in Europa Cantat. Which is a choir festival. I went with the Hamrahlidar Choir. And all I can say is; It was Fantastic!. I am also a scout in a company called Landnemar (pioneers or something in English). My group there is preparing to recive about 30 scouts from Finnland this month. These are just a few of the things that I do to keep myself buisy, but I do not wish to keep you here all day so...

Skuli Arnlaugsson
Phone:551-7817 &
Homepage:your location
Height:about 1,76 m
age:17 (020580-4029)
Adress:Vesturgata, 101 Reykjavik
IQ: Super Natural