Welcome to my humble Homepage!

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Inside you will find nothing, just emptyness and destruction. Thoose who fear depression and are filled with life happiness should be warned. This side may cause depression and self destructive thoughs. Those of you who took this text seriously should not go any further, for this is a site for dark humor. You have been warned...

No seriously folks, this page is not depressing (I hope!?!). It's only my homepage. For those who don't know me here goes;

My name is Skúli Arnlaugsson. Anyway I was born and raised in Icelands capital, Reykjavik. I am now 17 years old and web surfing is one of my favorite hobbies. Throughout the years of my surfing, I have enjoyed nice looking homepages, but to my dissatisfaction, there are just too few fast, good ones. One and a half year ago I discovered Tripod. Then I had never built a web home, and thought 200 Kb were plenty to have a good page. Well after 16 tries or something I found out that thoose large company sites require more. I gave up on html and threw away all my Star Wars pages. But then this summer I won a scanner in a lotto. I started editing images and soon I wanted to put them to some use. I took out my html editor once more and started to learn how to make image maps and all the cool html stuff I could see every where. Well then I finished my ultra graphic, laser, musicical huge page was ready. It took a few minuets to load only the first page. I developed a simple taste after waiting for my ultra page. Have a nice day!

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