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The Grey Waste

In my opinion, people should stop what they are doing, and just think. There are a lot of things we do that only makes someone elses life worse. Of course I am not saying that every one should be friends and there should not be any competition, I am merely saying that if someone gets on your nerve, let him know and do not give him a hard time, just let him know that you are not interested. In fact I have one "friend" who gets on my nerve. I try and try so hard to get it into his head that I don't like him, but he just doesn't get it. The I discovered a way to make him see that we (me and my other friends) did not apriciate his company. I started putting letters on my desk at school addressed to my table companions and then I wrote their names as an address also. I am still waiting for the result. By the way his name is Hans Orri and if you ever meet him, flee, do anything to awoid contact....

Well I've told you enough about my views, so I have decided to tell you about my favorite film. Grosse Point Blanc
Well I will at least try to. OK the story goes like this; A proffesional hit man (John Cusak) is having an early mid life crisses and wonders why he continues to work as a assasin. His arch enemis (short of, Played by Dan Akroyd) Wants Cusac to join in to start a hit man union. Cusac does not like this and refuses the offer. At the same time he gets an invitation to a high school reunion. He doesn't really want to go because he can't explain what he does for a living. His secretary on the other hands wants him to have a brake and go to the reunion. Cusac seeks help with his doctor, but the doctor is not used having hitmen as patients and refuses to help. Cusac gets a job in Grosse point, the same weekend as the reunion, so he goes. Now a deal on his head had been made, and during his stay ing Grosse poin