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The Grey Waste

Maybe it is just me, but when I was trying to think of what to do with the image above, I saw that the color of the image says alot. I don't know maybe everyone knew this before but this just hit me. Red makes me (the picture is of yours truly) look mad, green makes me look a bit suprised and yellow like I was afraid of something and like I were protecting myself. Wierd. It's the same picture just with diffrent colors, Wierd!

If you like the pictures, here's the story. The Only picture on the first page, is partly taken on a skiing trip and partly stolen from Pink Floyd's Animals record cover (well actually cd, but..). If you like what I have done to it, I'd like you to know that it is fairly simply, meaning I just scanned it together, the one of me beneath, and changed it into a 2 color file. The first one on this page was taken by a friend of mine when I was finishing the film. I never thought I would have use for it untill now. I just saved it as a black-white photo and edited it in paintshop pro.

If you have ever played TSR's Forgotten realms, you probably know where the name Grey Waste comes from. But on the other hand you probably have never played TSR's Forgotten Realms and you might even be interested in where from the name came. Here comes the explanation: TSR's Forgotten Realms is a AD&D fantasy world. It involves roleplaying the unexplainable, like magic and such. If you haven't read or heard anything about role-playing games, then it probably looks pretty stupid, but it really isn't once you've gotten the spirit, and if you like it. It is just like a computer game, but only of the mind, not the computers and with more posabilities.

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