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Well as you probably know this caimpaign being described on this page is an on-going one. I will try to keep this page updated as something happens. If you want to use these alterations which have happens, and see stats and so on for the players, you need only send me mail, requisting password for the gamemaster page. On it you can find the truth about Guilds of Darkness, Earthdawn clan and also everything involving the adventure. If you are a player and would like to know more about the characters and other stuff, there is only one rule when asking for password, you cannot be in my roleplaying group when you apply! Enjoy (or enjure...)

  • The Baroness of Roesone got very ill and placed her young brother in charge of Roesone, just before she died.
  • Erinn Caitlannagh left Karl Vilhelm in charge of Ilien for a year, when she ventures to Avanil to study magic.
  • A Vos family has slaughtered every one in Dhoesone, and imported Vos people to rule this former Rujrik country. The ruler, a vos warrior named Drago Lieoned, is mad. There have been rumors that he has hired a court wizard to take over all the sources in Dhoesone. Currently all the temple and guild holdings are empty, but it wont be for long. A messanger from the Gorgon was supposed to have been seen close to Dragos mansion. People in near countries fear the wrath of the Gorgon if Drago is in a alliance with the Gorgon. Can it be true?
  • The former ruler of Osoerde (Dark Lands) has been seen close to Dhoesone, rumors have it that he has promised his legence to Drago Lieoned. The Ogre (Dark one as the people call him) Moved with a lot of national treasures of Osoerde. People are angry towards their former, crazy ruler.
  • Royal college of Sorcery in Avanil, has attained a new desk and several new library book shelves, due to an enormous donation from their newest student, Erinn. The Impregniable Heart of Haelyn church in Ilien, has been planning to build the biggest church of Haelyn in all of Cerilia. Erinn gave a donation of total 20 gold bars in support of the national religion. Erinn was blessed by Haelyn.