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Erinn Caitlannagh is the new baroness of Ilien. After the Assasination of Rogr Aglondier, former baron of Ilien, Erinn was sponsored by the Impregniable Heart of Haelyn to be the new ruler of this great state. Shortly after the election, the Haelyn church was made the national religion. Few of the things Erinn did was to lower the tax rate to light taxes and to have the Guild of the former guild master, now herself, sponsor Ilien. In short the situation is like this, Ilien can not support itself with light taxes, nor with sever taxes, so Erinn takes her profit and spends it on Ilien. Erinn Caitlannagh had both the guild master and the Baron of Ilien killed, but for greater purposes. El-Hadid was a sneaky merchant who cared little or nothing about Ilien, he only paid small amount of taxes and let Ilien rot in the meanwhile.Rogr Aglondier hid the treasury of Ilien for his own private use. He had severe taxes on and Ilien was not a good place to live. But all this has changed. The Port of Call Exchange, now know as the EarthDawn clan guild, is the main supporter of Ilien, and virtually none profit is being spent in other things that do not aid Ilien. Taxes are light and the poor people of Ilien are not poor compared to near countries.