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Well to tell you honestly, when we were starting this campaign, I was not thrilled
about it. I had only played BirthRight once before, and I hated it.
But as usual I had no say in it so we started. I made a warrior, female warrior
named Erinn. I wanted to run a thief guild, so I became the Guild master of Ilien

We all started as something important. The campaign began a third level.
I later progressed in taken over Ilien, and then the fun started. I hired a courtwizard
and argued with some of the other players, because I felt they were putting to high
taxes on my trading. Right from the start it was a diplomatic role playing game.
This was no hack and slash, and I have only once had to use my warrior abilities.

I had great ideas, and have made most of them happen. The DM knows the BirthRight
World as he had created it, and we were exploring new ways in roleplaying.

There is nothing much else to say, but I'll try...

On the players page, you will see a witty side of us players. We are total 8 but very seldomly
every one shows up. We all attend schools and are quite "normal" in a sense.
Normal meaning, we have more then just rpg's to entertain us.

See you on the players page, or on the actual BirthRight part of the page!