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If you are unfamiliarized with BirthRight campaign setting, or perhaps
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons all together, this page is of no good to you.
If you have ever played Role playing games, or something simular, you just
might be interested in this page of mine.

If you have played the BirthRight setting you will probably appreciate this page.
I have worked hard on it and made images and so forth for it, and it can be used
both to see what Icelandic gamers do, and to use the altered state of Cerilia
as a source for an adventure or even campaign.

If you have any interest in seeing the stats for pc's or even important npc's you will
need to send me email at and ask for the password.

When this page was made (26.11'97) I had not yet discovered how to use
passwords on my page so if you send me mail, I will send you information.


TSR has alot of good stuff, involving both BirthRight campaign, and other RPG's.
Go there now and download a BirthRight Introduction!